Steroid Half Life

Steroids Half life, There is a lot of talk about Steroid Half Life in the bodybuilding community. What is it and why should it matter to you? Let’s find out.

What is it?

Every drug on the market has a half life, including steroids. Let’s say you take about 200 mg of Equipoise once a week for a steroid cycle of 6 weeks. The question is how do you know when you’re completely “off” the steroid, after the completion of the cycle, when it has no effect on you whatsoever?

This should be calculated from the point you had taken your very last dose. The Half Life of Equipoise is 14 days. That means you will start going off the steroid 14 days after taking the last dose.

Your blood levels will have about 100 mg of the steroid after 14 days. 14 more days later, your blood levels will contain 50 mg of the steroid. This amount goes down by half every 2 weeks.

So when you are finally done with the steroid cycle, you will know when you are truly off by calculating the half lives. All of this can be calculated with a reasonably high degree of precision. After a few weeks of staying away from the steroid, you will know when exactly it is no longer active in your blood stream, based on your calculation of the half lives.

What You Should Know About Steroid Half Life?

As said earlier, a steroid’s half life is the time during which the drug remains active in the blood stream. This information can be very useful to you for optimizing your steroid cycle to avoid any undesirable peaks of valleys.  

Every drug has its own chemical structure, which determines its half life. When the steroid enters the bloodstream, three things happen to it…

#1: Absorption – How it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

#2: Degradation – How its chemical structure breaks down.

#3: Elimination – Removal of the steroid from the body.

The half life of the steroid is the time needed for all of the three metabolic processes to be completed so that half of the steroid is no longer present in the body.

Every steroid has a different chemical structure, so this particular timeframe varies as well. Some steroids have very short half lives of 4 to 16 hours while a few others have a half life of 2 weeks.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular anabolic steroids and their half lives.

The Most Common Anabolic Steroids and their Half Life 

Anadrol/Oxy : 8 to 9 hours

Anavar : 9 hours

Dianabol : 4.5 to 6 hours

Winstrol : 9 hours 

Deca-durabolin : 14 days 

Primobolan : 10.5 days

Sustanon : 15 to 18 days 

Testosterone Cypionate : 12 days 

Test Enanthate : 10.5 days

Testosterone Propionate : 4.5 days

Clenbuterol : 1.5 days 

Clomid : 5 days