Quaility of Tests

Our Mantra

Don’t worry, here at Steroids Warehouse we understand it’s critical to know exactly what it is we are putting into our bodies. With thousands of fulfilled orders and years of industry experience. We know that many of you will purchase self testing kits from sites such as Amazon.

Quaility of Tests

Please note for our products, the compound most commonly looked for by a large number of these kits,is compromised in a large number of our blends (400, RIP, TTM, etc), due to the nature of how they are made and test results WILL vary!

With the rise of counterfeit and non-effective products rising in our market, it is common practice to want to see proof / validation of the products you are buying. Rightfully so right?!

We have paid to get our products tested for their authenticity. If you require a specific test result then please go ahead and get in contact with us via the contact us section on the FAQ page!

Denouncing Home Kits

Its a big a statement to denounce these kits and in some cases they work, dependant on what you are testing and the scenario.

Many different test kits also state that they produce ‘false positives’ in their FAQ’s.

They also state if it contains more than one steroid its likely to cause ‘unpredictable results’ based on many FAQ pages for these products.

Home kits are an unregulated part of a grey market.

We understand the want to test / check your products but they are too unreliable and we would not refund someone based on the results of these home kits. If you’re planning on using a home testing kit we would politely ask to not shop with us as we cannot gauarantee your results and will not offer a refund should a home testing kit show a negative result.

When we reviewed some home kits we have seen many of these sites dont even take a basic method of payment. Payment gateways like bitcoin to buy a testing kit? With no refund available!

Shady marketing technicques are commonly used. unquoteable figures such as 1 – 3 steroids are fake. That in a sentence is a lie.  No goverment statistic shows that. Using a woman in a bikini to sell a testing kit is also another cheap marketing tactic used by these companies

Fluctuation of dosage

The dosages on the oils will never be exact like the tablets. they will be within 15% of the actual dosage higher or lower. This will not be noticable.

Refunds based on Tests

Unless this a proper test from a lab that is verified and provide the relevant certification. Verifying that they are running a reverse manfucaturing process.

We absoultely cannot accept home kit as any proof.

Final Comments from our Directors

We speak to other site owners, we all feel the same the home testing kits that produce more false postives than actual results they also don’t work with any compounds and various oils.. which makes them pointless.

For pee samples to be properly tested for a matter of law it costs around $1800 per test!

For oil and tablet tests it costs $400 per test! There is a huge reason one test is $400 comes with a report and another is $50.

Selling something fake is not worth it! you would be shut down in minutes. we have been around for 10+ years and havesold to over 30,000 customers.